Happy Fall Ya’ll

It’s been awhile but I’ve made a new coloring page for you to download. Be sure to tag me on social media if you share your completed page, I love to see them!


Pictures From a Pandemic

I was able to get out during some terrific weather yesterday morning and took a few photographs of what is going on in my neighborhood. I started with the businesses closest to my home. Grandview Avenue sometime soon.

My basic goal was to document what is happening here in Columbus, Ohio from someone who is practicing social distancing. Many restaurants are open for carry out, however one of my favorites is not. Some businesses have signs on their doors with a Covid-19 statement, others appear as they closed one evening and never came back. Landscapers are working, bus drivers are driving, and the USPS and delivery drivers are out in full force.

The consignment shops are closed, but the paint store is open. And don’t forget your beer and chocolate.

A lot of people were out when I got to Triangle Park, but it appears everyone is at least trying to practice social distancing. I also understand this is a challenge, so definitely give people the benefit of the doubt when you are out and about.


Bunny Coloring Page

Bunny knows how to social distance.


Thank You Coloring Page

I have witnessed and been the recipient of some amazing acts of kindness over the last several weeks. I’m sure you have too. Here is a coloring page to color and send to someone who has been kind to you.

We are in this crazy pandemic/social distancing/shelter in place thing together. I hope everyone is staying home and staying healthy as much as possible.


Social Distancing Coloring Page

I really hope you are all practicing you physical social distancing as much as possible. Some of you are still working I’m sure, while others are wondering what the next weeks will bring for you and your family.

Make sure to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. Print and color this page to tell friends, colleagues, grandparents, and teachers you miss them.

Remember dry media such as crayons and colored pencils work best on ink jet printed coloring pages. Some pens and markers may cause the ink to smear.


Free Coloring Page

I both love to color, and draw pages for other people to color. Last night I whipped up a quick page for you as the reality of social isolation sets in. We are going to get bored, we are going to get anxious, we are going to argue with our children/spouse/neighbor/pet.

Take some quiet time out, this pages includes two copies of the same page, so you can print it, keep one for yourself and share the other.

The best media for these coloring pages is dry such as colored pencils, and crayons. Some markers may make your inkjet printed coloring page bleed.


2019 Review: Part 2

In this second part of my year in review I was going to tell you all about the coloring book creating process. Maybe someday I will get into more depth about the process, but maybe I will keep it my secret for a little bit longer. 😉

Mandala Joy was released on Amazon in March. It exceeded my expectations in sales.

A big part of my creative energy was directed to the two coloring books that I self published on Amazon in 2019. I draw mandalas as a way of meditation and relaxation, and now you can color them!

Mandala Joy 2 was released just in time for Christmas. I designed an awesome post card to hand out for promotion.

If you are reading this there is a good chance you already own one or both of these coloring books. But if you don’t you can hop on over to my Coloring Books page to see the Amazon links!

Now that I feel like I got everyone caught up on the pertinent information for the new upgraded Pink Woobie Creative I’m excited for creating in 2020!


2019 Review: Part 1

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to tackle my 2019 Year in Review. There have been a lot of changes, many of them in the works long before this year. In 2018 I didn’t do any craft vending or many fiber art projects at all. I had conflicted feelings over creating, marketing, selling, and sustaining the process.

Year of the Pig

It wasn’t a time for hasty decisions or public declarations of expansive dreams. It’s taken me a long time to learn that I best accomplish my goals when I work small, with lists, and numbered tasks, and flexible deadlines.

I started the year knowing I needed to get organized and stay organized in order to be able to do the type of creating I really wanted (and may started thinking of as a calling, more on that at a later date) to do.

One task that desperately needed to be done was eliminating my extensive yarn supply, or stash as fiber artists like to call it. Much of the yarn that I had stored away in beer boxes had been given to me by others who were in fact eliminating their stash.

I also had many partial skeins of yarn from other projects I had completed in the past. One way I knew how to use up yarn fast was by making afghans. My Very Own Blanket, an organization that gives hand made blankets to children in the foster care system happened to be celebrating their 20 Year Anniversary by collecting and giving away 20,000 hand made blankets to children in foster care.

I quickly got to work as there was no time to lose.

I now have significantly less yarn and My Very Own Blanket reached their 20,000 blanket goal by the beginning of December!

I also continued working on mandala art through the winter, completing two fun projects.

I sold Mandala Heart Cards in February. I learned a lesson about proofing a project before print.

I did a bit of research into getting some of my art printed for sale. I found some of the best websites and printers to do what I was looking for and I’m looking forward to working with them again. My first printed project ended up being a bit of a lesson. Not only did I upload an unedited image as the final product, I also had it printed on the front and back of the card!!! All is well that ends well and I replaced the defective ones, and had a laugh in the process.

I wasn’t going to share that little foible, but transparency, we all make mistakes, and we are learning all the time. I’d much rather learn this now when a batch of 15 cards was involved instead of when I’m printing 100.

I’ve also been learning fun graphic arts skills, just a little at a time. I’ve been working with open source programs Inkscape and GIMP to make cool digital images and downloads.

And for Eastertime I made this egg available in several colors as a download. I’m hoping to eventually add downloads to my new site, so sit tight.

That pretty much covers the first quarter of the year. I didn’t consult my calendar or journal or anything, but I don’t think I missed any finished projects. I’m always working on something, but to finish, that’s the hard part.

Next I will let you in a little bit on my coloring book making process and how it turned into something cooler than I had imagined.

Meanwhile if you are on Instagram you can get a look at my daily creating process, and also food. Follow me: thepinkwoobie