Pictures From a Pandemic

I was able to get out during some terrific weather yesterday morning and took a few photographs of what is going on in my neighborhood. I started with the businesses closest to my home. Grandview Avenue sometime soon.

My basic goal was to document what is happening here in Columbus, Ohio from someone who is practicing social distancing. Many restaurants are open for carry out, however one of my favorites is not. Some businesses have signs on their doors with a Covid-19 statement, others appear as they closed one evening and never came back. Landscapers are working, bus drivers are driving, and the USPS and delivery drivers are out in full force.

The consignment shops are closed, but the paint store is open. And don’t forget your beer and chocolate.

A lot of people were out when I got to Triangle Park, but it appears everyone is at least trying to practice social distancing. I also understand this is a challenge, so definitely give people the benefit of the doubt when you are out and about.

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