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Born and raised in rural Northeastern Pennsylvania, Chrissy moved to Columbus Ohio with her husband in 2005.  After a series of successes and failures in all aspects of her life she came to found The Pink Woobie as a business in 2011.

Chrissy is currently looking for opportunities to demonstrate the spinning process, teaching knitting, crochet, and spinning, as well as public outreach and non-profit work.  If you have a group of children or adults (Scouts, churches, etc) and would like to learn more, please fill out the contact form below.

On the blog you can find updates on what she’s been up to in the creative process, as well as events, sales, and opportunities to buy the wonderful items she creates.

She has been writing a personal blog for a long time, and the majority of that is included here.  With many interests, passions, and challenges she writes about them all, hoping that you can get a little peek at what life can be like while living and working with chronic illness.


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