Anyone who went to Evans Falls Elementary School will remember learning lyrics, dances, and lines for our Fourth Grade Recognition. Our whole grade coming together to put on a performance in honor of completing elementary school and moving on to middle school. We worked countless hours with our music teacher as well as our homeroom teachers to get songs just right with accompanying instrumentals and choreography.

One of the songs that were included in the 1992 performance was “Pick Yourself Up” which was a song written in 1936 for a musical called “Swing Time.” The songs reminds us that when your chin is on the ground, when you slip, when the day is over the best thing to do is “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.”

This particular song comes to mind because after several great weeks of writing, working, traveling, and being with loved ones, I then was faced with a two week Fibromyalgia flare. I hurt everywhere, was tired all the time, and all the plans I made while I was feeling well were cancelled or put on hold.

Times like that are extremely difficult mentally and physically. I miss gym workouts, I don’t eat as well, I think I might never feel better again. I also often say to myself “What’s the point of working hard if I just end up feeling poorly again?!”

But then the flare ends. I feel well for a few days, get my workouts in, see my therapist, and remember there are far better things in my life than bad.

I pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back to the daily work of being well.

I’m sure to some of you this is an obnoxiously positive outlook on my life. Others might think, I’ve see you complain all the time, you aren’t really picking yourself up. But I promise you, it’s possible, and I am.

I’ve spent the better part of 10 years seeing doctors, exploring treatments, resting, and working hard. But you know what, I’m still doing it. I keep going. Mostly my doctor’s appointments these days are just touching base with my great team of caregivers, the work is totally on my end.

After that two week flare I wanted to get right on the computer and remind everyone that it’s not dark forever, but I was busy. Busy with my physical therapy, working out, housekeeping, and cooking delicious foods. So I just wanted to take a free moment to remind you all, there is good, things aren’t dark forever, in this long arduous journey of chronic illness and pain, there are times to dance.