Something sprung up in me yesterday amongst the real fear of my minority, LGBTQ, and disabled friends. Through the loud din of hate and name calling. What can I do? How can little me, who rarely leaves her apartment because of chronic illness, who often struggles with crippling anxiety and depression. How can I rise out of this and and make a difference? GO BACK TO CHURCH! something inside of me yelled. It’s time!

I have been roaming the earth churchless for several years now. I did not make a conscious decision to abandon the one constant comfort I have known my whole life. But as life with chronic illness happens it was one of the things that fell by the wayside. When getting out of bed to shower was one of the hardest parts of my week, getting out of bed for church surely wasn’t going to happen.

I love the Church. I have been consoled, fed, loved, and mentored by a community of selfless Jesus followers. Not everyone has had this experience. I know countless people who have been hurt, bullied, and forgotten by their communities. I know people who they love is a sin. That their marriage is unwelcome in the Kingdom of God.

But there is Good News! And there is a church out there that will love and accept you, even celebrate you, just the way you are. However, this does take some work for us churchless to find a home.

Have you been wondering the dessert like I have? Perhaps you just moved, or have fallen out of the church going habit. It’s time to go back.

I’ve been researching several local United Methodist churches for awhile now and over the next few weeks I plan on visiting each one and sharing what I find with you. I’m asking you to join me, take a friend.

Still not ready? That’s OK too. It’s scary to put yourself before a community. So do your own research. Ask questions. E-mail the pastor. Get as much information as you need, so on some Sunday morning (or Saturday night, or any time) you can walk into a church building and feel as comfortable as possible.

I look forward to sharing my experience with you soon, and help you build a little courage as well.

Now is the time for me. I hope that soon, you can find a time too.