I always tell people I learned to knit so I could make sweaters and socks. However, the amount of sweaters and socks that I’ve actually completed since I’ve learned to knit has been dismal. At the beginning of the summer I was at a loss about what to wear to an event. Overnight I whipped up a cotton crochet shrug and got many compliments about my outfit. And although it had been a goal of mine I set out on a journey to craft a new wardrobe for myself.

I came across the Gemini Pullover on Knitty and knew that would be the project I tackled next. I was slightly intimidated because the this top down raglan t-shirt starts with a lace front. I have decidedly struggled with lace up until this point and indeed I started the top over at least three times.

I did my due diligence before I started however by taking my measurements and checking my gauge which means that when I finished this sweater the fit was spot on. I was impressed with this pattern because of the fit and the multiple sizing options. It is also constructed so you can wear it with either the lace facing the front or the back for two different looks.

I honestly loved this pattern so much that I might make another one in a different color. Perhaps I will knit one up in red using mohair or angora for something fancy.