Today I am coming back to blogging. I was looking over old posts from 2008 in order to help a friend with a project and I can’t believe how much I use to have to say. If not everyday I posted at least pretty regularly. Somewhere along the line it became less of a priority, or I got out of the habit, or I stopped caring about things. I really don’t think I stopped caring, there is always a lot on my mind.

One thing that did happen is when I joined Twitter I started expressing what was on my mind in realtime. However these thoughts are definitely less intentional and often do not present themselves the way I desired them to be read. So I’m making a resolution, when I have something on my mind, instead of opening Twitter I shall say “To the Blog!”

I really enjoyed reading over all those old posts. I use to write about anything and everything. My health, my life, social action, and entertainment. It wasn’t about getting views and it certainly wasn’t about promoting my brand. I think that’s probably where I started going wrong on the blog front. In 2011, when I opened my Etsy shop this space started being less about me and more about what I thought how a business should act.

I’ve never compartmentalized my life on my blog before, I don’t think I should start doing it now. It just took me awhile to realize what was happening. So hopefully more will be happening in this space, more photos, more fun, more retellings of encounters in my daily life. I hope you will enjoy what I have to say once again.