It’s time to party in the Grandview Yard.  The Annual Digfest presented by the Grandview Area Chamber is a gathering of local food, drinks, music, and craft vendors.  Last year The Pink Woobie had it’s first vending experience at Digfest, we liked it so much that we will be back again this year.  Expect more options for growler bags, octopus beer bottle cozies, and wine charms.  My vending space has been upgraded as well, and you’ll love to see what we have to offer.vendingtentDigfest is not only awesome because you can check out, sample, and enjoy the amazing food, drinks, and crafts that Central Ohio has to offer, but you get to do it while hanging out with some great people.  There will be a selection of bands playing and I might even dance!

Digfest starts at 4pm and goes until 10:30 with the last call being at 10:15.  Entrance to the event and parking are free.  We hope to see you there!