Things have been a little frazzled here at Woobie headquarters and I have been meaning to update my shop since the middle of January.  Today I made myself sit down and post two new hand spun yarn listings that I hope you will enjoy.

I was able to work with a new fiber I had never tried before when I ordered some expertly dyed (in my favorite color purple)  Bluefaced Leicester wool, combined with Seacell, a cellulose based fiber, from Woolgatherings Hand Painted Yarn & Fiber .  With a slight sheen and a super soft hand of the Seacell turned an already favorite wool into a intriguing and wonderful skein of yarn that you can find here in my shop. 2:2421

A combination of Polwarth wool and non-toxic food coloring, made this skein of yarn something I constantly find myself reaching out to SQUWOOSH (spell check tells me this isn’t a real word).  Polwarth wool was one of the first fibers I spun and I am still totally in love with it.  Click here to see this skein in my shop.

I have other things to tell you about my daily life, but hope to do so in another post soon.  So keep and eye out for stories of my spinning related injury, and the tragic towing of the car who has been my faithful companion for the last 13 years.