Things have been mega busy here at The Pink Woobie.  My staff (which consists of the husband and the cat) have been putting the finishing touches on many of my creations to prepare them for sale.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Spinning– in August I obtained 4 Alpaca fleeces, and an 8 pound bag of sheep wool.  The last several weeks has been filled with washing, carding, and spinning this fiber.  The wool belongs to a family who is raising a sheep as their pet, I am spinning half of the fiber for them and keeping half for myself.  Shammy the sheep is not any particular breed of sheep, but his wool spins into a squishy if not a little course yarn.  I’ve been carding it with some other fibers like llama and alpaca to give it an even more diverse texture.  I’ve spun just over 3 pounds so far, close to 4 if you count the yarn I have spun for myself.

An alpaca fleece before we washed it.

An alpaca fleece before we washed it.

The alpaca is incredibly silky soft.  My brother in law and I washed it with water heated over a campfire when I was visiting my parents, so it’s clean but still has much debris that needs to be picked out before it is spun.  I’ve spun up a few small skeins to get a handle on things, and also combed it with some other fibers. These fleeces came from a family who are keeping alpacas as pets.  They are pretty cool animals, I’d love to have some one day.

I also continue to purchase prepared fiber, both in natural colors and brightly dyed colors.  New skeins of yarn go up in the shop almost daily.

Custom orders– I’ve had a list of custom orders keeping me busy.  I love this, because custom items for people in their favorite colors are my favorite things to make.  I love knowing where my items are going while I am making them.  Anything in my shop can be made with custom color, I also make totally unique items when folks know what they are looking for.

Vending events– I’ve also been applying and preparing for vending events around the city.  I feel fortunate to live in such a crafty original innovative city, where opportunities are plentiful.  As a new crafting business owner it’s all a little intimidating, but things are moving forward and I am trying my best.  While I am waiting on confirmation about one event, I will tell you about the big event that I’m super stoked about.

The Craftin’ Outlaws “Alternative Craft Fair” Holiday Show will be held on November 16th at Veterans Memorial in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  This is a juried craft show, so the vendors are guaranteed high quality and original.  I feel honored to have been chosen on my first year out.  I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it as it gets closer, but Ohio folks, put it on your calendar NOW.  Admission is free with $7 parking.

Pattern writing–  I’m coming up with awesome quick and easy patterns to use with my hand spun yarn.  So far I’m working on a knotted cowl and hand warmers/fingerless gloves.  These are both knitting patterns, but I promise there will be some great crochet patterns to choose from as well.  These patterns will be available for free with purchase of my yarn.  If there is enough demand I may also sell my patterns in pdf form in my shop, but that’s not the main goal of the moment.

Blogging and other details– I so want to write more.  I’m out of practice, but my health is improving, I’m leaving the house more, and experiencing more of life.  I’m hoping that all of these things will help me with my writing and general communication.  I know most people don’t want to hear about my health all the time and I do try to talk about other things.  This month I’ve been doing a Reset Challenge with the blog Considering You.  I’m also participating in private group on facebook to go along with it.  It’s helping me think more intentionally about my life, health, how I manage my time, and doing what is important.  You should check out the site in general it’s a good one.

That was a lot of information for one post, but I’m not sure when I’ll get the time to sit down and write again, a lot of creating on my to do list.  Wanted to make sure you knew what I was up to.  Be sure to check out my shop to see what I’m selling these days.

P.S. there should have been more pictures in this blog post, but technology is making me grumpy today.  I may add more later.