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Last weekend I accompanied the Spiderwrangler to the American Arachnological Society annual meeting in Johnson City, TN.  This wasn’t my first AAS meeting, attending several years ago at our old alma mater Susquehanna University.  This was my first time in Johnson City however and I was hoping to be a tourist.

We stayed in a very nice hotel, our room was almost larger than our apartment.  I spent a lot of time resting and watching bad television on cable.  It’s something we really aren’t missing out on.  I think I would waste a lot of time if I had cable television to watch.

The one thing I did manage to do is check out Yarntiques, on Watauga Avenue.  I had looked it up before I left Columbus in anticipation of having a lot of time on my hands while Ryan was at his conference.

It was super easy to find with my GPS and probably could have found it pretty easily with out it.  Yarntiques is located in a Victorian house among other residential houses and small businesses on  one of Johnson Citiy’s original streets.  I immediately loved the colors on the outside and was excited to take a peek inside.

I opened the door and was quickly greeted by an adorable barking dog, and when I turned the corner into the front room, a crawling baby.  There were about a eight people gathered around the table in the next room laughing and celebrating a birthday.  These are things I love to see, happy people sharing with the ones they love.

The owner of Yarntiques has put together a great collection of a variety of yarn.  There were some I’m very familiar with from my local yarn shop, and some that I had never seen before.  The selection included a lot more cotton and lighter weight yarn than what I am use to seeing in Ohio.  There also was a great collection of books, patterns, and complete kits for sweaters, scarves, and afghans.

The owner greeted me very nicely and I chatted with all the ladies there about where I was from and what I was doing in Johnson City.  They seemed to be very familiar with Columbus, which it’s always nice to talk and hear nice things about my city.

The upstairs of the house also had a variety of products from a fiber artist, but I did not catch the name of the business.  I did purchase several ounces of llama fiber mixed with merino, which I plan on spinning for Friday Night Spinning.  I also purchased a Mango Moon Mantra that I crocheted this awesome triangle scarf from yesterday.

triangle scarf

It seems like a company worth checking out.  This yarn was made in Indonesia and the Mango Moon slogan is “Change the world one stitch at a time.”

I loved visiting Yarntiques and chatting with everyone there.  The scarf will be one of the prizes available in the 300 Friends of the Woobie Celebration giveaway on my facebook page.  Be sure to  like my page, which you can do on your right, so you don’t miss out on this great celebration!!