vendingtentI have been attempting to write this post all week, and finally fueled by an iced latte I am sitting down to actually write this post about the Grandview Digfest.

Saturday June 15th, the Grandview Yard was bustling with beverage enthusiast sampling the best of what central Ohio has to offer.  It was a great event full beer, wine, boozy selections, and food trucks.

My booth was between Signature Wines and Honeykiss Bakery.  Both fabulous central Ohio businesses that I would totally patron.  Across the road was Tessora who served up some very tasty cocktails.

As a first time vendor, this was a perfect event for me.  I was very anxious in the early hours of the day.  We attended a wedding at 1 o’clock which was a great distraction.  I really had no idea what to expect, who would be interested in my products, did I make the right amount, what if no one shows up, what if too many people show up?!

All those anxieties were for nothing.

cozy table

Everyone who stopped by were pleasant and very complimentary of my work.  The octopus beer cozies were a huge hit, I didn’t sell out but felt that all the effort I put into building an inventory was was totally worth it. IMG_0971

I’ve spent the week recovering from all the activity leading up to and on the day of Digfest.  It is now Saturday and my brain is functioning enough to write.

In the next few weeks I hope to be introducing you to some new things going on with The Pink Woobie, but I must pace myself.  While the fatigue and pain is not as horrible as it once was, I can have a bad day at any time.  I must always be prepared and take care of myself the best I can.  That in itself is a full time job.  If you would like to be updated through e-mail on what I am up to, you can subscribe in the box to your right.