Cat and Wheel

Popeye inspects today’s spinning.


I thought I should update and let you know a little bit of what’s going on around here. I’m on month four of an incredibly persistent migraine. This has left me working on projects as I feel up for it and often sleeping ridiculous hours.  I’m not in the most pain I’ve ever been, it’s more the amount of time that I’ve been dealing with it that is wearing me down.

I’m cranky and tired pretty much all the time.  So with the exception of small bursts of 140 characters I haven’t really felt like writing a whole bunch.  I have a lot of things to tell you, despite my mood about my headaches things have been really good around here.  I’m keeping busy with crocheting and knitting.  I’m making favorites like octopus beer cozies, as well as making new designs of cotton market bags, and cotton and wood teething necklaces for mom.

Beanie I made from yarn I dyed and spun

Beanie I made from yarn I dyed and spun

I’ve also been doing loads of spinning and have been experimenting more with Kool-Aid dying.  This week I semi-announced via Twitter that I’ve started a new project called Comfort and Joy.  I will soon be selling my hand spun yarn to the public.  I am in my early stages of gathering supplies to make a consistent quality yarn.  I hope to share this process with my friends as I have found it very enjoyable and educational.  I will be tweeting about my fiber choices as well as new techniques I am trying.  Follow the process @CJyarn

I’m also working on some consignment items and may be selling at my first event this summer.  Those are all things whose success remain to be seen.

On Tuesday I start a new treatment for my migraine.  Keeping my fingers cross things improve soon.  Until then, I’ll keep trying to make myself as comfortable as possible.  Thanks for checking into the blog, and being interested.

ps. you may have noticed I’ve taken a personal tone to this blog post while discussing both my health, my hobbies, and my business.  I hope that my openness and honesty will help more people understand what living with a chronic illness can be like.  I’m only one person, but I hope to make a difference.