Numbers, I’m not so good with numbers.  I actually received an F in first grade math class.  I use more math in my crafting than I ever thought I would ever in my daily life.  But math isn’t why I’m writing.  I want to talk about the numbers so many people are interested in these days.  How many people follow you on twitter?  How many fans does your facebook page have?

These numbers have some importance and I do pay attention to them.  But I think I’ve been paying too much attention to them.  I’ve been wanting to get to 300 facebook fans by the end of the month.  After tweeting something to that effect, I stopped and thought Why?  Why do I want to have 300 fans?  What does having 300 fans mean?   These are some of the answers I came up with.

Having a certain number of fans isn’t what is important to me.  What is important to me is how you got there.  Why did you choose to hit Like on my particular facebook page?  Did I say something funny?  Did I inspire you?  Or was I just one more step in entering a giveaway?

Giveaways are fun, and I have done several.  But I see some blogs with thousands of fans and followers and I think “How can they possibly connect and converse with that many people?”  That’s not the kind of numbers I’m looking for.  I’m looking to connect with you.  I want to know that something I made or did or said inspired you to try something new.  It is important to me that a handful of people learn about my struggle with chronic illness, thus helping them to understand someone they might know a little better.  I’m not looking to shout to large crowds.  I’m looking for conversation.  If large crowds come, that’s a bonus.

So if you are reading this, lets have a conversation.  Leave a comment below, say hi on twitter, stop by my facebook page to check things out, share with your friends.  Or don’t, that’s completely up to you.  Above all I want you to Love, Learn, Create.