Hey Woobizens! I apologize for the blandness of the site. I’ve switched over to shared hosting and am going to work on my design and learning all the ins and outs of running my new site as I go along. So right now everything is a little bland and boring, but it will get better. You will get to see what I’m learning pretty much as I learn it. Be patient, it will be awesome eventually.

A lot of things planned for 2013. I will continue to make the awesome stuff you know me for, but am venturing on some new hobbies and adventures as well. I brought my candle making molds and supplies back from my parents’ house, so excited to experiment with that, have only done it once before. Also more writing, more tutorials, and more fun!! IMG_0364 Here’s a picture of me making crazy eyes, and my niece dog Roxy, her and Popeye are becoming good friends, maybe frienemies.