Happy 2013! It’s a new year, with a new site. I’ve really been enjoying the ins an outs of hosting my own site. Still a lot to learn, and I promise things won’t look so boring soon. I need to take new pictures of products, and me at work to show you how I spend my time. That’s just one of the things on my awesome list of things coming up in the next couple months. There will also be some giveaways, and I’ll be looking to collaborate with other artists and craftsman on a few things I am working on. So keep coming back. Now, onto my first Links, Likes, and Love of the new year!


  • Being Cheryl: My friend Cheryl Harrison here in Columbus has announced she has resigned from her job and is going to be self-employed full time.  I find this to be awesome news!  You couldn’t ask to work with someone funnier and straight forward than Cheryl. Her website says: Cheryl Harrison is a writer, marketer and community manager in Columbus, Ohio who loves beer and sci-fi too much.  All things I highly admire in her.   If you are looking for someone who knows their PR, community management, and social media check her out.  If you are just looking for a good read, check her out too.  Her life is sometimes unrealistically funny.
  • Knitty and Color: I just received amazing roving from this Etsy shop.  I’ve been following her for awhile on Etsy and Twitter, and all the colors just speak to me.  They are as vibrant in real life too.  I can’t wait to sit down at my wheel later today and see what is created!
  • The Pink Woobie on Pinterest: If you are on Pinterest, or haven’t checked it out yet my boards are a great place to be.  I pin everything that inspires me.  It’s pretty pictures, geek paraphernalia, people who I find beautiful and intriguing, and craft projects I’d like to try.  I find the time I spend on Pinterest to be well worth it.  I’ve come up with so many great things just by letting my mind be open and seeing what there is to see.


  • KeurigKeurig– I wasn’t really expecting a lot of Christmas gifts this year.  My parents had pretty wicked colds and my mom informed me that she really didn’t have a lot for us to unwrap.  What I wasn’t expecting to get or even like was a Keurig single cup coffee maker from my in-laws.  I’ve seen Keurigs around and found them useful for some things, but also found the K-cup idea a little wasteful.  Cue Christmas morning at the farm.  My in-laws have a reusable filter to use their own coffee in as opposed to disposable cups.  I had coffee in my hands so fast after selecting the size of cup I wanted.  And when it came time to open presents we got the same set up.  It’s pretty awesome, and I’ve really enjoyed the coffee.  We also got a ginormous box of K-cups that are pretty darn tasty.
  • Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza– I’ve been seeing a lot of doctors, going through physical therapy, and being subjected to medical tests lately.  Luckily a lot of this has happened at the Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza, a OSU facility.  It’s so close to our apartment that I’m often early for things because I forget just how close it is.  The parking situation is a little dodgy at the moment as only the first level of the garage is open, but there is ample surface lot parking and it’s all free.  I haveonly needed to go into the pavilion and I feel like it must use some kind of Time Lord technology because it is totally bigger on the inside.  There is a wide open lobby, with a small snack stand and then different sections shoot off of that.  But once you get into the individual waiting rooms, halls, and exam rooms the place seems to just go on forever.  And you couldn’t ask for nicer people that work there.  If I have to be sick, I’m glad there is a facility like this around.



If you know me or have followed me on Twitter for more than two weeks you probably have heard me mention Amanda Tapping more than once.  Pictured above are my most recent Amanda related possessions. The calendar is a gift from Ryan, and is Women of Sci Fi by the photographer  Dennys Ilic.  He’s done a fantastic job of capturing the beauty of science fiction’s best loved beauties.  He’s awesome on Twitter too so you should check him out.   I also bought two seasons of Stargate SG-1(used DVDs) with money from my parents for Christmas.  I love Stargate and Amanda plays Samantha Carter and is absolutely amazing.  I haven’t met Amanda yet, but eventually the right Con opportunity will come along.  In the meantime I also have a few Amanda autographs that my awesome internet pals have sent me from when they were able to see her.

Amanda is a really amazing person, a great role model, a caring philanthropist, an inspired actress/director/producer, and pretty darn hot!