This week I am spending time at my sister’s house in Ithaca, NY.  I had made plans to be here during the summer but didn’t make it until now.  My nephew went back to school on Wednesday, so I’ve had the days mostly to myself.  Here are Links, Likes, and Love for September 7, 2012.


  • Ithaca Bakery– Yesterday and today I headed to the Triphammer Marketplace location.  They also have a location in downtown Ithaca.  My iced lattes have been amazing.  Not only do they have a tasty menu, they carry gluten free bread and bagels!!  The website is pretty interesting too.
  • Visit Ithaca– If you’ve never been to Ithaca, you can check out their official tourism site.  I had hoped to have a much more in depth blog post written about what Ithaca has to offer, but this body just wasn’t up for being a tourist this week.  So check it out and find out why Ithaca is Gorges! 


    • J.R.R. Tolkien– Over the years I have started The Hobbit several times but never really got very far.  I read it this week and can’t wait to read The Lord of the Rings.  We had picked up a new paperback copy of The Hobbit recently because Ryan wanted to read it again before the upcoming movie.  I haven’t seen The Lord of the Rings movies and I’m missing out on sharing that experience with him, so I wanted to make sure to share this one.  Looking forward to the movie and being a fan of Wifred, I can’t wait to see Elijah Wood.
    • Cayuga Lake– Although I haven’t actually spent time at the lake this summer it’s visible while driving and it takes my breath away.  The sights are beautiful and the activities around the lake are amazing.  I’m sure you’ve heard of The Finger Lakes wine tours.  This is a picture I took last summer from Stewart Park, as you can see it’s a big lake. 

    My Nephew!!  I love my sister and the rest of my family too, but my nephew is growing into such a great kid.  He’s intelligent, and funny, and he loves hugs.  How could it get any better.  He has the best one line quotes as well.  This week alone my favorites are: “Especially considering my extensive library” and “I ran out of onomatopeoeias!”  I made him sit down with me for a few minutes and take some pictures with my webcam.  He’s a lot of fun!