I have another diagnosis/injury to add to the list.  I think I’ve mentioned my shoulder pain here, but I certainly have been talking about it on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s been going on for about six weeks now, and hurts especially when I crochet, knit, type, etc.

I went to the doctor this afternoon and she has diagnosed it as rotator cuff tendinitis.  She said it’s a pretty common injury, and happens with many professions.  Basically anything that I do in front of me aggravates it.
She gave me a shot of cortisone in the joint and I plan on resting it for another week or so.  Been doing the icing and the constant taking of NSAIDS.  Also important is to keep movement in it and doing some shoulder exercises, so I plan on being vigilante at that as well.

I’m going a little bonkers however.  My pain first flared when I was working on a knitting project, and since then have not been able to do much.  For the last 5 years I’ve been crocheting or knitting almost daily for several hours a day.  It’s what kept me sane in my sickest months, and has provided some great gifts and even a little bit of income.

I really don’t want this to become a chronic problem, so here I am, resting it as much as possible and trying to find other things to do.  I’ve been reading a lot, and I guess that’s what I plan on doing for a few more weeks.  Will be getting to the library very soon.

Will try to keep creating blog posts, and hopefully I can come up with some kind of creative content while my crafting takes a rest.