I’m sure I’ve used that title before, because really how can you not when it’s raining on Monday.  Things this weekend were pretty quiet.  I’m dealing with shoulder pain that is most likely from overuse. Which normally I wouldn’t think it would be possible to over use anything with the fibro and fatigue, but it hurts when I crochet, knit, and draw.  Three things I’ve been doing a lot of lately.  I’m not sure if it’s a real injury or just a new addition to the Fibromyalgia pains.  I thought maybe over the weekend I should see the doctor, but I may just wait it out.  Icing and taking muscle relaxers seem to help it quite a bit, and I’m resting it as much as possible.  But sometimes it’s just so hard to sit still.

Right now I’m at Stauf’s, drinking an iced latte.  I’ve cut most caffeine out of my diet to heal my gastritis in my stomach.  The more active I am, the better I do with a little caffeine in my system.  I’ve gone from drinking 7 plus Diet Pepsi’s a day to maybe a coffee, or a pop, or a tea every other day or so.  I think it’s a pretty good change.  When I have a headache the caffeine actually helps now, and I’m such a big fan of water.  I’ll post about my Sodastream soon.  I chose a latte today because it seems to be the most satisfying for me.  I drink it slower than iced coffee or an iced chai.

Some things that you can look forward to this week on the blog:

        • Pictures, information, and links to my new t-shirt designs.  Hand drawn designs of my favorite things.
        • Another post about “I Found it on Pinterest”
        • And on Friday more Links, Likes, and Love
The picture above is from a few weeks ago, I’m actually sitting here listening to “Electric Avenue” because I switched computer bags and forgot my headphones.  Luckily, usually the music selection is pretty good and eclectic.
Until later!