The 2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project has put out a call for donations of handmade scarves for the participants, coaches, and volunteers of the 2012 Winter Special Olympics.

I jumped at the chance to do something that I really love for an organization and event that I know makes a difference in the lives of many people.

The scarf project was born in 2009 with a call for scarves for the World Winter Special Olympics, and in 2011 the project went nationwide.

Handmade scarves given out to 2012 Special Olympics participants, coaches, and volunteers serve to provide unity, empowerment, pride, and demonstrates the support of the community for the Special Olympics.

I love when two of my passions come together like this.  In 2004 and 2005 I worked in a group home for adults with developmental disabilities.  I’ve witnessed first hand how programs like the Special Olympics bring joy into people’s lives.  I also know that receiving a handmade scarf while participating will instill a great deal of pride long after the event.

I will be making my scarves for the Ohio State Winter Special Olympics.  The goal for the state is 625 scarves due on January 18th.  I’m almost done with my second scarf and plan on making at least one more with the left over yarn.  One of my scarves was my first knitting project, it’s not perfect but I’m pretty excited that I’ve now learned a new skill.

I encourage you to participate in this great project.  If your state isn’t participating there are several states that are still in need of a large number of scarves.  You can find all of the information at the 2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project webpage here.  Be sure to check the project guidelines for the official Red Heart colors, measurements, and mailing instructions.

Are you participating in the project?  I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below.