Over the weekend I spent a few hours going through my large tub of yarn.  I really only got about half way through sorting all the little balls I have left over from previous projects.  I had them spread out on the bed, sorting them into color groups so that I could have an idea of what was there and usable, and what could be relegated to small time waster projects.

Recently I’ve noticed the popularity of the color combination of yellow and gray.  The soft buttery yellow that I have was actually bought as a back up incase I couldn’t find the yellow I actually wanted.  When my yarn was laid out I pulled the gray, white, and yellow together and started making some granny squares.  These were different than the traditional granny square as they have a flower as the center piece.  I didn’t have a plan for these squares but I figured it would reveal itself.

In a completely separate event I was cruising Ravelry for pattern ideas.  I came across some granny square slippers that are posted on the Purl Bee.  I said to myself, “Self, you already have some granny squares made.”  It turns out I had exactly the amount of squares made for the top of the slipper, and I made solid gray squares for the sole.

So here they are.  Sewing the individual squares together is a little tricky, but it’s illustrated with photos in the pattern and slightly easier to understand than just words.  They are my first pair of slippers.  I honestly don’t like to wear things on my feet, so I’m not sure how much they will get used, I suppose when it’s really cold.

Next time I will use slightly heavier yarn than the gray I used.  Slippers wasn’t my plan when I began.  I will probably also use a smaller hook, the holes in the squares are slightly larger than I would like.

As you can see, Popeye always has to get in on the picture taking.