Anyone who makes anything has had this experience:

One day you conceive an idea in your head.  It’s a good one, perhaps the best one you’ve ever had.  You gather your materials, and become even more excited as you find the exact things you are looking for to bring your concept from you head and into real life.

You work hard, you occasionally stall, but you are so behind this idea that nothing will prevent you from finishing it.

When the work is complete you are left with this amazing salable product.  And then you have a conundrum.

This beautiful piece that you brought forth into the world will now be heading off to undisclosed locations, and all you really want to do is keep it for yourself.

That is where I am today friends.  I made this beautiful mohair cowl, the whole time thinking about all the costumers who would jump at the chance to own it.  I found perfectly sized vintage buttons that completed the exact look I was going for.  But now all I want to do is wear it for myself.

I know that the occasional special treat is necessary.  But is this something I really need?  Probably not.

I’ll let you know what I decide.