This is an update on a series I wrote in February.  You can find  them here

Several months ago I wrote about how I was embracing my life with chronic pain. This update is to tell you that this change in perspective has become a positive change. Shortly after writing in February I did struggle with pain and fatigue. The rainy gray days of spring, with monstrous storms and unpredictable patterns all across the US made themselves known with large amounts of pain in my entire body.

March and April may have been rough, but it seemed to go by quickly, and I really didn’t do much of anything to speak of. And now, with the sun shining, and the weather warm and slightly more predictable I am certainly feeling much better. I have been able to exercise and get out and about with friends.

Assisting with my determination to enjoy this life I have has been my trusty “30 Things” list. I’ve accomplished several (and will be updating about them soon), and have plans for many more. There is no shortage of people who have been participating in these things with me.

I’m writing this from one of my favorite places to come during the day time, Stauf’s Coffee Roasters. It’s an amazing place to people watch, get work done, eat a healthy salad, but mostly I just goof off. I rode my bike over here after visiting the library for a book on bicycle repair. My bike doesn’t need any repairs but I’m sure that if I keep riding, it will. Also, Ryan picked up a bike at the recycling center this spring, so I’m planning on attempting to fix that up. New hobbies can be fun!!

So is living life in chronic pain possible and enjoyable? Absolutely!  Is it easy?  No, but I keep trucking anyways. There is a certain kind of person I want to be. And I’m working to get there.