I’ve certainly become very interested in spinning yarn and the different techniques and fibers that are involved.

I had purchased a skein of hand spun yarn from Three Ravens Art Yarns and Fibers on Etsy.  I made a fabulous dread band for myself that is so soft and holds my hair so well.

I had been talking with Xiane on Twitter so she was aware that I was learning to spin.  She sent me this great art batt with my package.  I don’t have the tag on hand but she called it the Corbies art batt and I think it consists of merino wool, bamboo, and firestar.  I had only spun the most basics of fibers before, so this was certainly a challenge, but one I full heartedly took on.

I need to work on my drafting technique and my consistency, but I was extremely pleased how my skein came out.  I forgot to take a picture before I started to ball it, but here is how it turned out.
I really wanted to make something creative and different out of this and came up with a great design for a small phone pouch/clutch/cozy that I think looks incredible.  I don’t have a smart phone, but I believe I made it to the dimensions to fit at least an iPhone and I’m sure many other models.  It also should hold some credit cards and your lipgloss.  I think the shiny black buttons I found in my button stash were perfect as well.  It will be for sale in my shop starting April 15th, but if you are interested in it you can contact me before then. 🙂 
I probably have enough yarn to complete another one but perhaps something slightly smaller. 
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