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Number 20 on my list is to re-pot and not kill my house plants.  So far I’ve gotten to the repotting part.  This is what they looked like before getting a good dose of worm castings and rearranged into two pots.
This is kind of a year long project for sure.  I use to keep up with my plants pretty well while I was in college, but since moving to Ohio I have not been as successful.
I know part of this was that our apartments didn’t get the best light.  And then I got ill and barely took care of myself.  Now that we live in an apartment with great light I’m going to try and not be such a bad plant mom.
I think, perhaps this is a bit about me being slightly more responsible, as well as taking interest in what my apartment actually looks like.  I have no design skills at all, so we’ve pretty much been living in a glorified college dorm.  Hopefully with some pretty plants, I’ll be able to start making a difference.
Stay tuned for updates on how the plants are doing.