This is part of series about embracing life, you can find part 1 here.

Me with two amazing ladies @CarolynMaul and @JanelleSteele
in a photo booth at a Twitter inspired event.
I stole this picture from Carolyn’s facebook page. Hopefully she won’t mind.

Another thing the wonder of Twitter has brought me is an amazing connection with the people of my city.  I kind of fell in love with Columbus about two weeks after first moving here over 5 years ago.  I knew there were great people who lived here, but kept striking out when I tried to develop friendships with people I was working and going to school with.

I did meet a really great group of people our first summer here playing softball with the Maggots, and I am still really close to them.  In fact I got to hang out with them on Friday and it was so refreshing to just BE with people who already knew me and my flaws and still loved me for who I am.  We don’t see each other as much as we once did, but they are also the kind of people that if I see around town, just giving them a hug and saying hi is enough to carry me for the rest of the day.

A whole new world of people was opened up to me when I started following people from Columbus on Twitter.   I started getting out of the house to meet people, meanwhile forming relationships through online dialogue and silliness.  I’ve started considering Columbus MY city, and the truth is MY city is filled with some of the most creative, compassionate, driven, and unique folks.  The people I have met have different backgrounds, work in different industries, are different ages, and come from all over the world, but we always find something in common.  I still get down and feel lonely from time to time, but usually all I have to do is tweet about it and I get all kinds of encouragement and love sent to me instantly.  My blog, Etsy shop, and life would certainly not be as successful if it wasn’t for everyone I speak with on a daily basis, whether I see them in person once a week or every couple months.  It’s really rather fabulous.