I started this blog post with something witty, but somehow it got erased.  So without much further ado here is a little bit of what I have to say about Twitter.

According to Wikipedia Twitter, a social networking and micro-blogging website, was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey.  I’m not exactly sure when I became aware of Twitter but it has dominated many social media conversations for awhile now.  
I’m always a little behind on the social media train anyways, not getting on facebook or MySpace till after I had graduated from college and was married.  These two things, mainly designed for college aged folks to keep in touch and learn about new and interesting things, especially music in the case of Myspace, have evolved in to much larger networks.  

After awhile I dropped Myspace, it was slow and people put a lot of junk on their profiles that I just didn’t want to look at.  Facebook is simpler, and I have connected with over 600 people who I know in person or have met one way or another online.  

Then enters Twitter.  I am not the most tech savvy person, I still really don’t understand RSS feeds (although as a blogger maybe I should?), or rarely ever use to send or receive text messages.  But very quickly Twitter became the fastest and most prolific way for me to send and access information.  I do not have a so called “smart phone” but the basic text messaging, which my phone was designed for allows me to send Tweets (a short message, less than 140 characters) on the go.  I can also have tweets of particular interest sent to my phone.  Occasionally I find myself wanting to access the mobile web my phone has but I do not pay for on my plan because of a tweet I receive, but I suck it up and wait till I get home.

Some people may find that attraction on have for Twitter boarding on obsessed, but it’s not all bad folks, I have surely reaped some benefits from my new friend.  I have won contests for clothing and concerts, I have made connections in my city and across the country, and I’ve been able to keep up with business and websites I respect.  
I connect with others who have chronic conditions similar to my own.  I can read the latest thoughts of critical thinkers around the subject of the environment, or theology, or sports, or politics, or entertainment, or the economy, or fashion, or… or… or… 

There are people out there who specialize in social media and could tell you all kinds of fun facts about what Twitter and other social media websites can do for your business or organization.  But I’m not one of them.  There are also all kinds of software developers out there creating new tools for social media everyday.  That’s not me either.  I take what is given to me and use it. 
So this post is really just saying “FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER” and get to know the world like I am getting to know it.