Castle, which starts Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic is a crime procedural show on ABC. It’s in its second season and going strong. I didn’t get really interested in the show till half way through the first season, and then I was only watching it online. Last week Ryan and I made a switch from watching CSI: Miami in the 10 o’clock Monday night slot to watching Castle.

I am a fan of Nathan Fillion from when he starred as Captain Mal Reynolds on Joss Whedon’s show Firefly, which is the original reason I began watching and stayed for the rest of the charming cast. Fillion plays a successful writer, Richard Castle, who joins up with NYPD’s top detectives to do research for a new book. There he finds his inspiration in Kate Beckett, played by Katic. They have an great dynamic, both working well as detectives and learning to become friends. Castle also doens’t hide the fact that he find Beckett incredible attractive.

The supporting cast is amazing. Castle is a single dad, and has an actress mother (Susan Sullivan) who lives with him and his daughter (Molly C. Quinn). The mother/son, father/daughter dynamic is amazing. They have real and positive family relationships and often contribute to Castle’s thought process while working on a case or a book.

This show certainly has more humor than most crime shows that are on the air now. It still deals with death in a very real way, it is less about the violence and murder and more about the people invovled in the crime.

I think it is certainly worth a look online if you are not ready to replace your favorite Monday night show.