I was just sitting here at my favorite hang out of late, Stauf’s coffee shop and thinking about resent blog posts. I tend to blog about certain topics more than others at any given time. This can be because of my mood, or because something particularly interesting is going on in the world, or because I’m a flake and can’t hold my attention on one thing all the time so have many many varied interests.

This got me thinking about the amount of spiritual or Christian centered posts I’ve written. There haven’t been many recently and I’ve certainly have had plenty to write about. There is a lot of chatter going on these days about climate change, and climate change action, and energy bills, and there is a lot I can say on those topics, both from an environmentalists point of view but especially as a Christian. In fact, any topic I write about is from the point of view as a Christian.

When I write about my struggles, or my joys, or just daily life, I don’t ever really say where my strength is coming from, or why I have the beliefs that I do. And I guess for me, I don’t have to.

Everything I do and say is because and informed by the fact that I believe and trust in Jesus.

Perhaps I don’t say this enough, but it has become such a part of me that I don’t feel that I need to. Yes I’m a Christian, yes I read the Bible for guidance, yes I ask God for help and strength. But with every decision I make and every emotion I express I am not going to say this. But I also acknowledge that it’s people’s right and joy to do so for themselves.

I’m also not saying that I don’t share my faith with others, because I do (like I am doing right here in this blog post). What kind of follower of Jesus would I be if I didn’t? But personally I find a time and a place for everything. I would rather show people about my beliefs than to sit down and give them a speech.

So remember when you read this, what informs me first and foremost. But also remember that I am not perfect, that sometimes when my intentions are good, my actions are not always the best. I may slip up and do something very un-Christian like. It happens, maybe everyday. But please forgive me. 🙂