I am constantly amazed by actors and actresses. I really enjoy television and movies and the way that someone can completely be consumed by a role (or at least good actors anyways.) One of the things I enjoy most is when people take on characters that are from a different place than they are and therefore assume and accent of this place.

I am not an actress. I think at times I can be entertaining, and I sometimes can mimic movements or the pace of someone’s speech. But I can not assume any kind of accent than what I originally have (and who knows what that is.)
I read a lot of websites and blogs about the entertainment industry and E! Online has a really great survey and photo gallery called Sham Yankees. It gives some of the most notable performances and asks you to vote on whether they are Apple Pie or Crumpets. I’m not sure exactly what they are asking for, as crumpets I would assume refers to England but it doesn’t actually say that. And furthermore not all of the comparisons are between England and the US. It’s entertaining none the less. And you may learn a few things about the actors from your favorite shows. Check it out!