I’ve been contemplating the events of the last few days. I heard a lot of ideas, thoughts, personal stories, and inspiring directions while I was attending a School for Conversion at Communality in Lexington, KY.

My head is full and I have not reached a point where I can coherently write my reflections and experiences down yet.  However I keep coming back to one unexpected thing, and this is a big one for me.  As I’ve previously stated I am big on community, on being around others, and loving those who I share my life with.  While I was in Lexington this past weekend, I felt like the people I was around were people that I had known all my life.  I felt instantly comfortable and enveloped in love the moment I stepped in the door.  
Some of these people I never really expect to see again, but for the time that we shared space on a sunny and extremely warm spring weekend I felt that they were somehow part of my distant family.
This is fairly unexpected for me.  With the general anxiety that I deal with on a daily basis I consistently feel uneasy in the presence of new people.  Even my strong desire to be with others is often overcome by fear, anxiety, and insecurities.  This often leads to missed opportunities.
I went to Lexington to see and to listen to community, with no expectations.  Any fruit that the weekend bears will be unexpected.  However, for now I am practicing delayed gratification, and not beating myself up over perceived missed moments, because the moments that I caught are worth more.