I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have one (or many) chronic conditions and they are going to predict how I feel on particular days throughout my life, especially over the next couple of years as I try to figure things out.

After feeling horrible for most of December and being on vacation at home with family, I realized on the ride home that my sinuses were hurting.  I didn’t think that I had a sinus problem, I wasn’t congested any more than usual.  A little short of breath, but I have asthma, and I was having a lot more headaches, but not out of the ordinary.  My throat has been persistently sore for awhile now, so yesterday I decided to make an appointment with my doc to see what was up.
Turns out I have sinusitis, or the crud as she so professionally put it.  I use to get this all the time, but it was always accompanied by horrible colored mucus oozing from my nose.  So, this asks the question: When am I “sick” enough to call a doctor and when should I just chalk it up to being chronically ill?
I obviously don’t have the answer to this, but am looking for some insight if any of you other sickies out there are reading.
I believe that it will be something I learn over time.  I feel that I know my body pretty well, and have realized symptoms and illnesses over the years a lot earlier than some people.  So perhaps this is just another learning phase in my new body.