As promised I wanted to use this blog to write about all aspects of my life.  And here is another one, if you haven’t figured it out already.  I absolutely LOVE photography.  I have for a long time.  At my parents house, I have a photo album of my early pictures, and ribbons won at county fairs.  

Most amateur as well as professional photographers like to experiment with their photographic style, and I am no different.  I take pictures at almost any chance I get, of friends, strangers, nature, buildings, even trash.  I experiment in color, exposure, and perspective.  But time and time again, I come to find that my favorite photos are of a certain kind.
They are almost always taken from a close range, they are always in color, I especially enjoy vibrant color.  And while I like to show how I see the world, for others viewing my photography, it often takes them a moment to realize what they are looking at.
One of my favorite questions is, Did you take that?  And I love to respond, yes, yes I did.  So here is one of my most recent favorites.