some days I don’t feel sick at all.  or some hours, or some minutes, or maybe just for a few seconds i forget.  

i’m not sure what to do with it.
i’m listening to the cat most likely being naughty. for the second morning in a row i’ve woken up at 5am.  i’ve been going to bed at 11pm, so i guess that’s a decent time of sleep.  but i’m stiff and sore, and thirsty.  i came into the tv room thinking my water cup was by the recliner, but it must be by the bed.  i guess i will go lay down for a little while longer, although i doubt it will help.
it’s wednesday, hump day.  the weekends mean something again, which actually makes me happy.  my life has changed since i’ve stopped living in my pjs.  mind you, i still love putting them on at the end of the day.
it’s my first day at half program, we will see what i do with my extra time.  i have a counselor at the hospital helping me with my resume and cover letter for a job, it could be promising.  part time, exactly what i need.
i need more exercise.  it’s what the doctor ordered.  and i want to do it, but i’m having a problem with fatigue.  must combat that first.
MOM: I hope you are recovering well from your busy day yesterday.  You are one of my heros and I love you.  Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.  No matter what time your flight comes in, I’ll be there. 🙂