From The Kids

Ryan and I went to a cat shelter yesterday and brought home a beautiful boy. His name is Popeye, named by a woman at the shelter who took care of him as a kitten, we will keep the name. He is 1.5 years old, and he has been in and out of the shelter his whole life, being returned twice. He’s so wonderful and we could not ask for a better cat (I would say pet, but Scarlet is still wonderful.)

This picture is also one of the best pictures taken of me in a long time. The idea of getting a cat was partly as pet therapy, having someone to love and care for, and for company on the bad days I spend in bed. These days seem to be more frequent lately, but Popeye seems to know exactly where to lay so I feel better. He’s even laying in my lap/on my chest as I am writing this.

In other pet news, Scarlet is getting ready to shed. This will be her second time this summer, and probably she won’t shed again for awhile. She is getting extremely long, and we will take a new picture soon. I haven’t figured out the logistics of having Scarlet out of her tank with Popeye in the house, but we will see how it goes.