I write this post for a few reasons. Today a news article came about that said Columbus has developed a 20 year plan to make the city a more bike friendly place. This is good news any way you look at it. Columbus is a great city, and it’s a beautiful city. To be able to see it by bike is just an enjoyment, not to mention an ecologically friendly option to driving to your office building. Columbus is already semi bike friendly, there is a nice wide biking path that takes you along the two rivers. And the Ohio State campus is frequented by many many bikes everyday.

However, just last Friday Ryan’s bike got STOLEN from campus. It was a mistake, he left his bike locked up on campus over night, since left his key at home. When he returned in the morning it was gone. Such a bummer. He filed the appropriate reports with the campus police, but there is no hope for finding it. The police say they suspect a organized ring of not nice people who are cutting bike locks and stealing them away from campus. We have renters insurance but have decided not to file a claim, since our premium might go up, and the deductible is more than we would get back from the insurance company. Now Ryan is left bikeless, which is the third reason I am writing.

This weekend, Ryan will be participating in the Tour de Cure, as a member of Team NESPAC, he will be riding for 30 miles to raise money for diabetes research. This is a great cause, and a fun time with friends. I would be riding as well if I was healthier, but I will just have to root for the team from the sidelines.

If you would like to DONATE MONEY, any amount would be gratefully appreciate, you can go to this site: Ryan Bell and Team NESPAC
Ryan is 90% on the way to his ambitious goal of $600 please help him out. He will thank you and so will Team NESPAC.

If you would like to just learn more about the American Diabetes Association and the Tour de Cure you should go here: Tour de Cure